Who We Are

Kimetics Solutions is your Political and Business Solutions Mastermind. We specialize in developing solutions for Political Fundraising, Campaign Management, Business Branding and Event Planning. Kimetics Solutions is a minority owned company that regards its clients as partners in the business and in their organization and community. We know, at the end of the day, our services are about relationships with people and our business is to produce solutions by building relationships for our clients. We have a reputation for affordable results while maximizing your leadership success.

Our goal is to:

Build a progressive majority dedicated to social justice, civil rights, diversity, and economic reform. Working together, we can make a difference — and change the face of global politics.

Why Kimetics Solutions?

We provide the right solutions:

  • For successful political and business strategies and tactics.
  • For strategies geared for “Running for Office” and “Staying in Office”.
  • For impactful fundraising events.
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